For those of us who went to boarding school, (original ones oo not the aje butter ones) We know what it can be like to be a short junior. That’s what the next purge is about. You will love it.

Right now, Yvonne enjoyed the purge concept so much, she wrote another piece 😀

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Here we go…


Hello readers, every purge I’ve read so far was really interesting, deep and entertaining as well. Beautiful stories from beautiful minds. As for my purge today, I’ve had every reason to write about an exciting moment but what would be more exciting than talking about freedom.
I was watching the block buster movie World War Z sometime last week. I connected my laptop to the new LCD/LED TV my dad bought. The 54 inches gadget gave me a cinema feeling and I was really excited.
I slouched into the softest couch and ached to watch my one and only hero; Brad Pitt. He was incredible in Thor and Snow White and the Huntsman, I couldn’t wait to see him in World War Z. So the movie was actually divided into two halves and I had just started the second half when my eye lids began to close. Now this movie was far from boring, in fact it was action filled and scary at the same time but I just couldn’t help it, I dozed off on the couch.

I woke up almost immediately but I wasn’t in my living room anymore, I was sweating and breathing hard, dressed in a hospital robe, I still think it was a mental hospital robe. The atmosphere felt awkwardly tense. I wanted to get up and run then it dawned on me that my wrists and ankles were chained to the chair. I could swear I was petrified to my marrow.
“Help!” I screamed, “Somebody help me! Mummy, daddy, anyone! Please help, please” my scream had turned into a pitiful sob. I was in a room, it was dimly lit so I strained my eyes to observe the dark object before me, when I realized it was the LCD tv, it came on.

A hallway, a moderately wide hallway, also dimly lit with flickering bulb lights was shown on the screen.
“What is this?” I muttered as I struggled to pull my wrists out of the locked chains. I struggled and struggled, screamed and wailed to no avail.
Looking up to screen, I saw a door in the hallway with a bulb above it, No, that door wasn’t there the first time. It actually just appeared. Amidst my wondering and quiet sobs and struggles, the door knob turned and the lock clicked. There, a girl walked into the hallway; she was dressed in the same robe I was wearing, braids tied up in a loose bun, no jewelry or make-up, she was on bare feet. She looked tired, stressed out, eyes swollen like she had been weeping all her life. I stared at her face till I realized I was the girl on the screen. I stared at sixes and sevens, with no idea what I was doing in my tv.

I sat silent and lost for a minute or two and watched eagerly. I was now about to watch the scariest movie ever, with myself playing the lead actor.

(I would address the character on the screen with the first person pronoun)

So I walked down the hall slowly, looking left and right, mind off the rails, then I noticed a shadow in a corner by my right. The shadow became a visible human being, a young man I recognized. He still had that sinister smirk, the tattoos, the piercing, I remembered the pair of jeans and army green t-shirt. He was looking straight into my eyes.
“You bastard”, I muttered. I could hear a dialogue in my head,
“Leave me alone!” was a girl’s voice
“Shut your stupid mouth and stay still!” a guy replied.
Tears came down my cheeks almost immediately and I felt something moist wetting my gown, I looked down and noticed a dark red stain that appeared almost immediately. I gasped and looked up to where that young man was but he was gone. I tried screaming but couldn’t hear myself. I kept walking down like a wounded animal and noticed that more people appeared in the hallway. The first set of people I recognized were my boss and her randy fiance, they seemed to be chuckling and smiling. No, they were actually laughing at me. I rolled my eyes and looked away to another corner where I saw a group of three girls chattering, they looked at me at the same time and let out pretty loud laughter simultaneously. Oh, I hated those girls, they were once friends but betrayed me. I felt pain and anger well up inside of me. I walked down and saw more people, a man playing joker cards on a table, I took him to be the man that scammed me once. Oh that episode really hurt me and almost broke me. And there, the man I thought was mine was standing with his new girlfriend or fiancee I suppose. He still looked really trim, stylish and ever handsome with his beaming smile that could light a lady’s day. I heard another dialogue in my head,
“You make me a happy man, give me your innocence, that’s what I ask for” he sang. “Don’t play with my heart for I’ve never loved any other” I replied in a high pitched voice
“My only love, that is what you are, give me your innocence, let me love you more”
I cried hard as the voices faded. A set of twin boys of about 10 years of age with shaven heads approached me, they both wore white t-shirts with the phrase ‘BAD CHOICES’ boldly written on them in red ink. They got to where I was standing and started laughing with snort running out of their noses. I got so furious and upset, fell on my knees and buried my face in my laps and sobbed.

I didn’t hear anyone laughing anymore, I heard a door click open, I looked up and saw a lady walk in before me. She looked very confident, tall, beautiful and elegant. She wore a smile that could take one’s breath away. Funny enough, she looked exactly like me. She came to where I knelt and gave me her hand, she helped me up and gave me a can of petrol and put a lighter in my hand. She smiled at me and I immediately knew what she wanted me to do. I ran to the door I came through with the can in my hand and ran back to where I ran from, pouring the contents of the can every corner of the hall. I stood by her side and lit the lighter, everyone that appeared in the room earlier reappeared and were all giving me a stern look. I smiled even more and threw the lighter at them. I watched them burn and fade like ghosts or should I say memories.

I walked out of the door the lady came in from but she was gone. It was very bright outside and there was a cliff ahead. I stood at the edge of the cliff, closed my eyes and felt a heavy stone being lifted from my shoulders.

The TV went off immediately and I raised my head to reveal red eyes from prolonged weeping and a runny nose. The cuffs and chains broke off releasing my wrists and ankles. I got up and walked towards a door that was half open, it led outside. I walked to the same cliff I had seen in the movie, closed my eyes and let myself fall from it and into a river.

I jerked up from the couch and began to cough, checked my wrists and ankles hoping to see bruises and cuts from the excess struggling with the cuffs and chains. There was nothing there, it was all a dream. My World War Z had ended and the TV screen had gone blank.
“I can’t believe I was forced to watch myself get hurt by the past and memories from it” I said to myself as I lay on my bed thinking. I shut my eyelids hoping not to have such dream again.

I’m really glad I decided to get over my past, destroy the bad memories of being hurt so many times and move on to become the strong and confident person I should be. Every reader should that too.

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