As tall as the heavens,
Body hotter than hell.
Eyes like a skyline of beauty. A man built to perfection.Heart purer than snow,
A god in a man’s custome,
So tender so sweet
He knelt before me, uncased the ring.Amidst tears I catch breathe,
A little hesitation,
Fantasies turned reality,
Future unseen glares at me.He makes love like music,
Like angels,
Gently plucking harp strings. Filling my world with bliss.

He was paris romantic.
Each french kiss felt like heaven.
A pianist when he touches,
Moans so sonorous.

Years passed, bond unsevered.
His ways got more magical.
Till tragedy struck.
Death came without a knock.

In the morgue all gored,
Lifeless and pale.
I weep oceans,
Praying for a miracle.

Pain that sears deep.
Widowed by the ripper,
Reduced by gloom a whimp.
Excruciating memories ceases my breathe.

Afront the tombstone
Roses in palm, eyes swollen.
I call your name bitterly.
Say something, I’m giving up on you.
šŸ˜„ šŸ˜„

one afternoon, i reviled the pain death brings to such a beautiful thing as love. it broke my heart, i picked my phone and asked my friendĀ Lekan (@_l3kan on twitter) to write me something; and he wrote the piece above. Pain and death, two inevitable things in life, one we want, the other we fear and try to elude.

Love and Death

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