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Journey Through Eternity Wall Photo

Waging war against tears.
The borderline
The enemy shall cross not,so I thought.
Preacher persists with peace talks.
The night stole my bliss.

My heart hollow,sorrow hovers around.
The pain sunk in teeth and stays clasped.
The fire within,finds friendly it’s doom.
How does he not give in? He withers within.
Death; a hound profound in gloom,in theft of life

Life kept concise,hassled off land of the living.
In wavelength with the dead,leaving behind ripples of regret.
Rhetoric questions reasoned,riffing response received;
Sympathizers with answers to my loud thoughts.
Reality reckons my loss,wreath shall grace your abode soon.

While you lay lifeless in bed,your child in his cot.
You gave to him life and left me void of support.
Shed blood on him and bled to death.
He throws tantrum,craving milk from your breast.
A boy denied his first love from the onset.

Six feet beneath the surface,all earthly possession surrendered.
Crying cousins witnessing your confinement to a coffin.
Growing giddy gathering gravel,shoving aside sense;
Wailing while women weep like men.
Rest in peace dear wife,it hurts to see death do us part.

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An exchange of note, between two friends; myself and a very good friend mine (male). We are just friends (I think); but for now nothing more than friends. In this note, I’ll take my twitter name: sunkit1 and my friend who wishes to remain anonymous will assume the name: Anya. Here we go….

ANYA:      I’ll wait for the night to come

                   I’ll wait for the sun to set

                   I’ll wait till you knock on my door

                    I’ll wait till I smell your scent from afar

                    I’ll wait till the night comes

                    I’ll wait for my date till the night arrives


SUNKIT1:  you’ll wait for me my poet

                    Even if you hate the waiting game

                    For me you’ll wait

                    Till my scent teases your nostrils

                    And my hands rap at your door

                    Wait you will till the night arrives


ANYA:       I’ll wait for you to take me away

                     I’ll wait for you to make the night beautiful

                     I’ll wait because you are worth the wait


SUNKIT1:   And I’ll come because you are worth the time


ANYA:       I long for your appearance like a child longs for his mother’s arms

                    I long for your presence like the hunter longs for a kill

                    I long for you like the touch of a missing husband

                    I long for your coming like I long for air beneath the ocean

                    I long for your presence like a kiss from a prodigal sweet heart


SUNKIT1:   tonight will be worth the wait

                    We’ll sit under the watchful eyes of the moon

                    We’ll let it’s dim light brighten our faces

                    And together we’ll stare at the moon as it sits in the centre of the cloud

                    Our lips will meet in unison

                   And the stars will dance at our manifestation


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